The Extreme Presentation method is a high impact approach to delivering powerful presentations that really deliver results.  The clear and logical methodology, combined with well researched tools enabled me to engage with a large audience in a way I have never been able to do before.  I engaged Justin O’Brien from HPPG to assist me in preparing for a presentation to an audience of 150 people recently and the results were astounding.  I have never received so many compliments about my presentation and interest in my topic.  Justin’s 1:1 coaching on the extreme presentation method was key to engaging the audience and maintaining their interest over the course of 45 minutes. I am now looking at how we can incorporate extreme presentation method in to how we present and pitch to clients.

Craig Taplin

Global Head of Sales Effectiveness -Global Markets 

ANZ Banking Group Ltd


Justin O’Brien and the Extreme Presentations Methodology have finally provided us with the tool we’ve been seeking for some time, which is how to present large amounts of complex data to clients in a clear understandable way.

Not only that, but using the Extreme Presentations Methodology has provided us with a framework which streamlines our preparation and helps keep us on the same page, making us much more efficient and focussed. Thanks Justin!

Sue Moorhen

Strategyn Asia Pacific


“Having worked in the learning and development field for over 15 years, I would like to consider myself experienced and well versed in presentation design and development, however the Extreme Presentation was a real eye opener for me!   The Extreme Presentation method is the perfect antidote to the ever growing PowerPoint obsession and encourages you to focus on the real purpose of your presentation – providing a solution to a problem. With its 10 steps, the Extreme Presentation technique is an accessible discipline for anyone whose work involves presentations

As a result of completing the Extreme Presentation workshop, I have profoundly changed the way I go about putting a presentation or other documents together. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is involved in the design and development of presentations and other documents”

Dan Casey
Senior Learning & Organisation Development Consultant
Medibank Private, Docklands, Vic

The Extreme Presentations Method is a powerful process and an essential course for anyone who needs to communicate ideas, strategies or processes. This is the first program I have encountered which guarantees to connect the presenter with the audience before even uttering the first word. I have used the skills that I learned in this course to change the way that I present and have seen an immediate improvement. The audience ‘gets it’  faster and ‘gets it’ better. Speakers, trainers and facilitators will be left behind if they don’t take time to learn these skills.

Sally Parrish

Managing Director

Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching (‘ANZI Coaching’)

I enjoyed the program immensely and was very challenged by the process. I now more fully appreciate the need for emotional connection and engagement of the audience and also how presenting skills can be really enhanced through acting, rhythm and performance exercises

Greg Jones

Consultant Hydro Tasmania

I got a lot out of the program. I think the best thing for me was being able to identify with and respond to the different reactions of the audience and what fertile ground emotional connection is. I thought the group size was good, and the diversity valuable

Mick Howland

Environmental Engineer Hydro Tasmania

Very useful course with easy practical application

Karen O’Keefe – Caltex

Justin is an excellent presenter and made the day fly by.  Very informative witty and engaging

Tyrone Marega –  Ergon Energy

I found the workshop usful – thankyou. Good combination of presentation and practical

Katina Trout Incitec Pivot

Really useful in helping me articulate a complicated task

Andy Moore Sydney Water

A lot of material presented.  It was great but the luxury of the great amount of time required to put such a presentation together is not always available.  It has however provided very valuable approaches and principles

Janine  Sheringham Abi Group

This sort of value add educational forum is a great addendum to the CEB offer

Steve Paton AGL

Challenging Concept – very much enjoyed

Mark Eckerman BlueScope

Good session, well worthwhile

Peter Sullivan Incitec Pivot

Interesting course and excellent food for thought, I hope that we can try this at pour company

Bob Sherman Telstra

Great materials – very useful.

Alethea Reid ANZ