Some Tips

I’ve included here some personal reflections on things I’ve found to be true more often than not.

About Audiences

  • Audiences want you to do well – so give them a reason to!
  • People can listen or read but they cant do both at the same time – annihilate text on your slides.
  • Understand your audiences communication style – and tailor if you can.
  • Recognise their prior experiences with your topic.
  • Audiences expect you to be a little nervous – it shows you care.

About Delivery

  • Be authentic – be the best you can be
  • Don’t try to be someone else – they’ll see through it
  • Be the best version of your self
  • Discover what you can and cant do – don’t wing it
  • Rehearse and rehearse and rehearse
  • Emotions follow actions – so move!

About Visual Aides

  • They are there to support you, not dominate your presentation
  • Plan your presentation then develop your visual aids
  • Some people are colour blind – use high contrast colours
  • Use a variety of visuals; projector, white board, artefacts etc

About you

  • Be courageous
  • You really are capable of more than you think
  • Maximise your strengths
  • Work on your weaknesses if they inhibit you
  • Get feedback – you are never as bad as you think
  • Get feedback – you not as good as you think