There are a lot of great websites out there with some excellent resources. Here are just a few.
Dr. Andrew Abela This site gives you all the information and tools to develop a strong presentation strategy and a compelling design that will drive your audience to action. This is specific to presentations that require you to deliver complex information. (Full disclosure – I deliver this program in APAC)Extreme Presentation Method
Nancy DuarteOn this site you’ll find a lot of books, guides, tools and videos that will help you write, design, and deliver stories and visual presentations.Duarte
Echo RiveraEcho specialises in the graphic & visual communication of data. Her site is dedicated to how to communicate your work (and data) effectively and covers topics from design all the way through to the gear you need for presenting online.Rivera
TEDIt was only a matter of time before TED launched their own course. They describe it as” an app-based course that will teach you how to identify, develop and share your best ideas with the world.”TED
Olivia MitchellOlivia helps everyone to nail their next presentation but particularly if they are introverts. Olivia also has a great app that will help you nail your next presentation.Speaking About Presenting
 James Manktelow and Rachel ThompsonThis site has a great check list at the beginning which helps you determine where you need to put your focus in the four key elements of effective presentations.Mind Tools
Skills You NeedThis site has a very comprehensive coverage on all things presenting. The sections on delivery skills is on a separate tab under effective speaking. Skills You Need
Free Management LibraryThe section on presentation skills has an interesting take on ” Five Things You Must Do in the First Five Minutes”. Im not sure we need to do this for every presentation, but by focusing on two or three of these we can definitely improve our chances of having an impact on our audience.Management
Alan ChapmanAlan’s site covers off many business related topics. The presentation skills section is particularly useful when discussing that dreaded fear of public speaking.Business Balls