Pitch Consulting

The cost of responding to tenders or submitting proposals can be an expensive exercise, the pressure to win is great and the competition is strong.  Therefore we need to ensure that every dollar spent on an RFT response or proposal generates the necessary return on that investment.  One way to do this is to use a pitch methodology that leaves no stone unturned and maximises the chances of success.  The method we use is the Extreme Presentation Method and has been applied to many successful pitches.
The Extreme Presentation Method is a ten step process that enables you to develop pitch presentations based on sound strategies and design principles that drive your audience to action. The earlier the method is implemented in the tender or proposal process the more effective the process will be.

Many of the consultative pitch approaches available today can be confusing or distracting for the pitch team and focus on the wrong issues resulting in a final presentation that is substandard.  The Extreme Presentation Method differs from other approaches in the following ways:

  • It is a method, a step by step iterative approach that is backed by extensive research and testing.
  • It can be either integrated into the RFT process or run in parallel enabling the RFT team to focus on what they do best.
  • It is replicable; every pitch large or small can follow the same steps, using customised templates and questions.  Any submissions can then be evaluated against a set of consistent measurable criteria and improvements made or positive lessons transferred to other projects.

Once the pitch is underway everyone knows where they are in the process by accessing the up to date “pitch book”.

Not all pitch presentations are formal, probity supervised and void of discussion. Some presentations are a lot more discursive and at times informal. The Extreme Presentation Method also works extremely well in these situations as it is designed to stimulate discussion.  Note that this outcome cannot be achieved unless the method is followed step by step, which doesn’t necessarily translate into extra hours of work, just the need to follow the steps.

The issue then is how do you get all your people across the Extreme Presentation Method? The way to achieve this with the most success is as follows:

1.            It has to be understood and pushed from the top down.

2.            Training via a one day program is undertaken with or without a specific pitch in mind and then is followed up with coaching to maximise ROI on the training

3.            The coaching should be on live projects to ensure the method is applied correctly for maximum effect.

Through this engagement you will learn how to:

  • Select and present your evidence logically using a hierarchical system that enables you to craft a sound argument.
  • Construct a compelling and engaging story by incorporating relevant and interesting anecdotes and sequencing your presentation, by applying the hidden structure underlying all great stories.
  • Display your information in a way that is graphically convincing and reinforces your message visually whilst being simplistic but not losing any detail.
  • Use powerful audience and stakeholder analysis techniques to understand what will persuade and influence your audience in your favour.
  • Define and measure attitudinal and behavioural changes you require in your audience using the “From To Think Do” matrix.

Supporting materials include the text Advanced Presentation by Design, the eBook “The Presentation”, the Extreme Presentation Method workbook and other resources.

The program is conducted in a one day workshop in a public or dedicated format. We also consult in the method on live projects and can conduct one hour to half day programs.

In addition to Pitch Consulting, we also conduct Keynote Speech coaching and workshops in Advanced Presentation Strategy and Design.