Total SDI

The SDI& Is a researched and validated self-discovery resource that Is a great way to communicate about relationship issues in a non-threatening way.

Developed by Dr Elias Porter, it is a motivational typology that has proven to be very accurate in determining the motivation behind behaviours. Rather than just looking at behaviours, the SDI can help you to gain insights into why people do what they do so that you are able to relate more effectively, with improved understanding of the way others may respond to and perhaps misunderstand your behaviour.

How the SDI works.

When completing an SDI, the person responds to statements that look at the following 2 situations

  • When things are going well (in life, not just at work)
  • When things are not going well (in life not just work)

There are no right/wrong answers or Ideal scores. Each person’s scores will position them in two areas on a unique coloured triangle which Is then explained in terms of their Motivational Values {those core values that the person uses as a perceptual filter to judge themselves and others by and to build their self-worth).

Accepting & Non-threatening.

SDI training seeks not   to change you as a person but to give you a better understanding of the range of behaviours you could chose and of the likely Impact of these on others, so you become more productive with more people in more situations.

Our clients report that one of the main strengths of the SDI is its ability to create a non-threatening environment where people can discuss differences in personality and approaches. By doing this, people find ways to work more productively with each other, dramatically Improving team effectiveness and communication.

Easy to use, practical and highly accurate!

The SDI is self-administered and self-scoring and includes thorough descriptions of the resulting scores. This encourages continuous learning as participants are able to refer to their SDI to gain insights into events in their personal or working relationships.

Why Is mot1vatlon Important?

Well, your behaviour will often be variable, depending on the circumstances and what you are seeking to achieve.   It’s this variability that gives us the opportunity to learn and develop more effective choices of behaviour for the future and the opportunity to change unproductive behaviour.

However, your underlying motivation remains constant and is therefore a more reliable reference to work with when seeking to understand Intentions.

The Motivational Value Systems are colour coded for ease of use and are memorable well after the actual SDI has been administered.

The visual nature of the SDI scores when charted on the coloured triangle included in the SDI and the ability to chart multiple scores make this the Ideal tool for use In one to one coaching or In a wider group setting.