Tech and Bits

Ten practical tools to help you get the best out of your next presentation.


Use apps like Paced Breathing Apple and Android, to control your nerves. Once you download the app you will need put in your timings, I like to use inhale 4 secs, hold 4 secs, exhale 4 secs repeat. Practice this everyday and just before you present.

Presenter Mouse

Invest in a presenter mouse to help you navigate your presentation.

Interactive apps

Spice up your presentation by using a word cloud app. For example you can ask the audiences one or two word view on a certain topic, they enter that into an app and the results are presented in a word cloud on the screen. It has a vulgarity setting, based on experience I recommend you check. have a range of interactive tools you can use for your presentation


In addition to PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote, there are a number of other platforms you may like to explore. Here’s a list from and a list from

Data Story

The team at Juice Analytics have developed Juicebox and app for producing “compelling, beautiful data presentations.”

Video Conferencing

Try these add-ons for your next video conference.

  • Krisp mutes background noise.
  • is an automatic live transcription for zoom meetings & webinars.

Free Images

Make your images relevant by using image platforms such as:

The are many sites that offer free images, just make sure you check the copyright before you use them.

Chart Chooser

Pick the right chart for next presentation by using the chart chooser app from Andrew Abela and the team at Juice Analytics


Use any computer or voice app to record your presentation. If you have access to Microsoft PowerPoint for the web, use their “Rehearse with Coach” to analyse your presentation.

You can also use other apps designed for this purpose – here’s a list available tech from Science of People

Presentation Prep Tool Kit

Have a presentation tool kit or a checklist that you have at hand before every presentation. Here’s one from