Using all of our brain – neuroplasticity

We already use all of our brain – it’s just that some parts are only in first gear.  In order to get  into top gear we need to create more pathways more connections – this is neuroplasticity. Our brains tend to be quite lazy and will conserve energy by replicating the the way we do things – habits in other words.  Sometimes these work against us and sometime for us.  But to really stretch our brains to be more creative and alert we can do some  simple things. Here are three:

  • Sip water – all day.  Don’t guzzle, just sip. Hydrating the brain is like putting oil in the car.
  • Just do things differently. eat with your fork in wrong hand, drive or ride to work a different way or learn a new game like chess.  Continue to do things differently.
  • Learn to meditate. Try different types until you find the one that works for you. You might try
    • Guided meditation – Guided Meditation by Don Macpherson
    • White light meditation – How to Meditate in Ten Steps by D.F. Bailey
    • Binaural meditation – Ambistress by Dr Jane Maati Smith

Here’s an article from Sharp Brains for some further reading

BrainTech: Six Take-aways on Neuroplasticity and Cognitive training


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