CES 2016 – Stress into Performenace

More than ever the tech companies are starting to launch wearables that can detect heart rate variability which will give us an insight into our level of stress.

The workplace is set to change significantly in the next few years as corporations come to terms with how they can implement this new technology to maximise performance of individuals and teams.

Along with a number of other coaches I have been using this technology with great success.  When coupled with emotional control it creates a platform for peak performance.

Some of the companies launching new or additional functionality are

Merlin: http://merlin-digital.com/intellisense-coherence-kit.htm

emfit: https://www.emfit.com/quantified-self

Fitbit: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35192737

Caeden: http://www.caeden.com/

OMSignal: http://omsignal.com/pages/omsignal-bra

Then there are the companies that have been in the market for a few years now who continue to optimise their already proven technology:

ithlete: http://www.myithlete.com/

elitehrv: http://www.elitehrv.com/

heartmath: http://store.heartmath.com/

Firstbeat  http://www.firstbeat.com/ces/

Complete Coherence: http://www.complete-coherence.com/

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