Pitch Competitor Analysis

Like any methodology the EPM framework is a guide, the amount of time you spend on each step is dependent on a presentation’s importance. I often adapt steps depending on the task at hand. For example, I adapt the solution evaluation section to be a competitor evaluation table. Down the left-hand side, I list the criteria that the client will use to evaluate each of the bidders, starting with the most important and then weight them.  Across the top I name each of the competitors including my client.  Its then a matter of giving each bidder a score out of ten for each of the criteria. We are then able to highlight where our strengths and weaknesses are and develop strategies for dealing with each. Just for illustration purposes I have only weighted the totals, you could display the weights for each criterion for deeper analysis.

 WeightingMy ClientComp A.Comp B.Comp C.Comp D.
Team Availability11091076
On time delivery0.7579879
Problem Solving0.758871010
Average weighted total

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