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Donald Trump has a lot of Charisma. What!

Whether you love him or abhor him Trump has charisma, otherwise, why would anyone follow him?

The first one is emotional expressiveness

These are all things we can work on.  Depending on your personal circumstance we can all vary either our voice, facial expressions and gestures or all three. For example, we can modulate our voice, we can smile and tilt our head quizzically as a gesture.

The second one is empathic concern

Donald describes empathic concern as “the ability to read others’ emotions, feelings, and attitudes, and the ability to demonstrate that you are sympathetic.”

Third Savoir-fare

This is a bit trickier, as some people would rather die a thousand cuts than work a room. I don’t mind working a room, but unfortunately, I don’t get any further than the first person I meet, much to their displeasure. What you might like to do here is to pick your battle.  Pick the event that you are going to make an all-out assault on, take a buddy and go for it.  Make it a game and see how many people you can meet.  Make it fun, not a nightmare.

Lastly verbal elements

Here charismatic people “speak in “picturesque” language, make good use of metaphors, use vivid storytelling to convey images and meaning”

We can do this as well.  If we know there is an event coming up, do some homework and prepare a

  • short anecdote about something that happened to you recently and practice it so it comes out  the way you want.
  • Find a metaphor. Humorously refer to your partner as a couch potato” or quote an artist like Bob Dylan describing your life by saying “Chaos is a friend of mine”
  • Memorise a vivid short story.  You’ll need a new one each time though.

Thanks to Donald Riggio we have four tactics to make us more charismatic and some ideas from me.

Video for business communication 5 keys to success

For 13 weeks each year starting in March, I teach at Swinburne University in The Media and Communications Department. Covid and teaching in lock down has meant that lectures needed to be recorded and tutorials done online in 2020 and face to face in 2021. So, what did I learn? Lots of things, but one of the most powerful tools was the use of video.

Five things to know about video

  1. Show your face.  This doesn’t mean all the time but at the beginning or end is important
  2. Make sure each video doesn’t go for any longer than 10 minutes.
  3. Be prepared to do a lot of editing the first few times through.  You’ll pick up a lot of delivery and content issues you didn’t know you had!
  4. Production quality is important.  Put time and effort into working with your camera, lighting, and sound quality – your audience will appreciate it.
  5. Write a script – if only for an opening few minutes.  If it’s important – script the whole thing.

In a corporate context, think about how any applications there may be.  Here’s  list by Shahan Zafar from Vidizmo: 10 Ways to Use Video for Your Company’s Internal Communications

  1. Conduct live CEO broadcasts and announcements
  2. Modernize and streamline corporate governance strategies
  3. Announce regulatory updates and policy changes
  4. Administer safety, health and organizational training sessions
  5. Broadcast organizational events live
  6. Take charge of corporate transition communication & change management
  7. Record and share team meetings and presentations
  8. Promote social learning, collaboration and knowledge transfer
  9. Reform your recruitment and induction strategies
  10. Manage departmental communication and realignment

But why video?

  1. Accessible – you can listen, read (subtitles) and watch anywhere at any time.
  2. Engaging.
  3. Adds life to the subject matter.
  4. Cost effective.
  5. Easy to do.
  6. Gives you clarity on the subject.

If you haven’t already – give it a go, you might surprise yourself as to its effectiveness.